Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Just pictures

Sara did not have enough time to write a  letter today but she did send some pictures. She is loving her mission right now and loves her two new companions.
"helping" hermana Gladys collect lena. THAT WOOD IS SUPER HEAVY. Never offer to help them carry it because it will hurt your neck and back for days. And they will be stronger than you, no matter how old or weak they look

Walking to district meeting this morning. - Antigua -


  1. yes - she has learned to speak quite well. I am noticing many of her english phrases are now more translations of spanish to english.

  2. that's good. I speak English more or less but I'm learning. I admire you because their routine is very tired.
    Two sisters visited me and helped me to know Christ. And remind them. Sister Turley and Alvarado. I'm from San Pedro las Huertas, Antigua G. Thanks for your reply...