Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A real shower!

Okay so I'm sorry my emails have been pretty short lately, but it's a good sign because of how busy we are! In the last two weeks, we received a new branch president and numerous new callings in the branch, I had divisions in San Lucas, the wedding, the baptism, announcements of transfers (Hermana L is leaving the area, I am actually really sad but I know that people need her in a different area), these weeks have been crazy! Also, on divisions in S L, I had my first real shower in four and a half months! (We use a bucket shower in S P...), and I also saw my first squirrel (besides the one pinned to the wall of our investigators house...) I also realized that I haven't seen carpet for over 8 months, other than that, Guatemala feels normal again :)
We are teaching a few new people, and we had three new investigators attend church on Sunday! This next month should be another good one. We went on divisions with G on Sunday! My companions went with another member to teach lessons and I went with G to visit a few people. She is so strong in the gospel and she said, "Thank you for letting me come with you, I just love helping people realize how much God loves them." Her testimony is so strong and I am so grateful I had the privilege to teach her and help her prepare for her baptism. It amazes me how much the gospel can change people!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

THIS WEEKEND WAS SOOOOO GOOD! And so incredibly busy, I spent a day in San Lucas for divisions and the next day we had our Zone Conference. I then came back to San Pedro and we had the wedding of G and A! It was crazy planning literally everything-food, flowers, cake, location, lawyer, quests, EVERYTHING! It was going to start at 2 on Saturday outside of the chapel...and it started pouring rain when the bells started to ring at 1:59, so we had to move everything inside of our humble church but it as still beautiful. Before their baptism interview, we were doing our practice interview with the baptism questions and I asked A what the Law of Chastity was. He replied simply, "It's two people coming together as one to follow Christ." Which is exactly what they did this weekend; they married Saturday and were baptized and confirmed Sunday (their daughter broke her arm and needs surgery so we had permission to confirm them Sunday in case they aren't able to attend the next week). 
Time is finishing because I had to send all of the photos, I will write more in detail next week! Love you all!
wedding of G and A

                                     Baptism of G and A  - one happy family.

                                                happy Sister missionaries :)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

"Cia" Hansen

This week has been a week of little miracles. While walking along a street, I asked my companions if one of them had contacted any contacts close by because our appointments had fallen through. They found a contact of a woman who lived on the street and when her son answered the door, he said his name is "Nefi Moroni". Bahaha, we found a family of inactive members who gave us their address! We taught them a lesson and quickly found out some of the reasons why they hadn't gone to church. We picked them up Sunday morning and walked to church, where they were welcomed and greeted by our little branch. They attended the baptism that we had on Sunday and her son attended a priesthood meeting, and today the mother is going with us to teach some investigators! I feel so blessed for being put in her path and seeing her come back so quickly to church after so many years. The church really does feel like a home and when they remember that, they want to return back.

Also, Hermana Rosa was baptized on Sunday! Her mother was baptized with her children a couple of weeks ago and now she could finally be baptized, also. That is the 6th member of their family that I have seen  baptized in the last two months! And with G and A this Sunday, it will be a total of 8. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this family. G and A have four children, J D(who has already been baptized) and three more. Their youngest daughter is still learning how to talk because I think she just turned 2. She knows a few words and always calls me, "Cia." I thought she was just confusing me with my old companion, Hermana G and so I continued on helping her learn how to say "Hansen". But then on Sunday, after I made her repeat "Hansen" about ten times, and then when I asked my name, she still said, "Cia." So I asked her mom, G "Why does L J still think my name is G?" And she laughed and said, "She's not calling you 'Cia', she's calling you 'Tia'". (English translation: "Aunt".) It would be impossible not to miss my family when I'm here in Guatemala, but it would be impossible to have a desire to leave my new family here to go back home. We are still super busy preparing for the wedding of G and A on Saturday but everything is falling into place and it should be a beautiful little ceremony, I can't wait!

And for those reading my blog and preparing for a mission. BUY A BACKPACK! I know they are not attractive to be carrying around all day but the Spanish scriptures are bigger than English and your back will kill you if you don't invest in a good backpack. I have bought a total of 4 different "backpacks" from Guatemala but they aren't as sufficient as going to Costco and buying a good one. Also, don't invest a lot of money in clothes. There are "pacas" here and sometimes we buy skirts for about 2 dollars, way cheaper then the DownEast 30 dollar skirts. But do buy a lot of church socks to go under your shoes, and when you tell your mom you thinks you have enough, believe her when she says you don't...bring many, many pairs because they get lost even easier in Guatemala than the states.

We have been teaching a new woman and her three children, and they attended church the first time on Sunday! When we had a "movie night" with the Restoration, and afterwards, she asked, "Where can I buy that DVD?" We are very excited to be in this area and I am loving every day, even when the days are a little tough. I love Guatemala and I love my mission and I love this message and I love the opportunity I have to share it, hasta luego!
Hermana Hansen

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Conference, a wedding, and wearing tails of pigs

I'm sorry for not being able to write last week. Our mission was asked to write a story about one of the people that we have taught and the challenges they went through to send to President Eyring. And my story was picked to send to him! I had to put in more specific detail and dates and he will be reading the story of J soon! :)
This week was AMAZING! It's so weird to think about how exactly a year ago, my life changed with the knowledge that I was now able to go on a mission sooner than I had anticipated. This last year has been the best one of my life. G and A had a super rough week and on Saturday, G told us that she no longer wanted to marry A and told me about the problems they were having. I told her, "Before you make that decision, go to general conference in the morning and listen. It might not be the words they use, but you will be able to receive an answer on what the Lord wants for your family." Their family was early Sunday, in the Antigua chapel, 30 minutes away, to hear conference. A was wearing a tie that he had probably saved up money and bought for conference.
When we passed for them in the night, we asked them what they thought about conference and if they had received answers. G paused and said, "I learned this morning that Satan just wants to destroy my family. But there is now nothing that can stop me from returning to my Heavenly Father...with my family...and with A as my husband. I will marry him." And then A said, "After hearing the way that President Monson talked about his wife......I will marry G and I will be baptized." It was my favorite night that I have ever had in my life, thinking that on October 19, they will be married. And on October 19, 2014, they will be able to enter the temple and make an even more important promise to keep their family together forever. Weeks earlier, during Sunday school, we were using the gospel principles book to talk about baptism. I looked down at G's book to see a splattered candle drop on the page talking about the baptismal covenant. I can't imagine when or which night she was reading the book past dark with a candle, but it is safe to imply that she has been ready for baptism for a long time.

On a funny note, G also thinks "pig tails" is the funniest and weirdest way to explain a style of hair. English really is funny in Spanish, but wearing "tails of pigs" as your hair is just weird.

On another note, I love my mission. I love my life. I love Guatemala. I love the people here. And I love my Savior who has allowed me to be here.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Just pictures

Sara did not have enough time to write a  letter today but she did send some pictures. She is loving her mission right now and loves her two new companions.
"helping" hermana Gladys collect lena. THAT WOOD IS SUPER HEAVY. Never offer to help them carry it because it will hurt your neck and back for days. And they will be stronger than you, no matter how old or weak they look

Walking to district meeting this morning. - Antigua -