Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A real shower!

Okay so I'm sorry my emails have been pretty short lately, but it's a good sign because of how busy we are! In the last two weeks, we received a new branch president and numerous new callings in the branch, I had divisions in San Lucas, the wedding, the baptism, announcements of transfers (Hermana L is leaving the area, I am actually really sad but I know that people need her in a different area), these weeks have been crazy! Also, on divisions in S L, I had my first real shower in four and a half months! (We use a bucket shower in S P...), and I also saw my first squirrel (besides the one pinned to the wall of our investigators house...) I also realized that I haven't seen carpet for over 8 months, other than that, Guatemala feels normal again :)
We are teaching a few new people, and we had three new investigators attend church on Sunday! This next month should be another good one. We went on divisions with G on Sunday! My companions went with another member to teach lessons and I went with G to visit a few people. She is so strong in the gospel and she said, "Thank you for letting me come with you, I just love helping people realize how much God loves them." Her testimony is so strong and I am so grateful I had the privilege to teach her and help her prepare for her baptism. It amazes me how much the gospel can change people!

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