Tuesday, October 22, 2013

THIS WEEKEND WAS SOOOOO GOOD! And so incredibly busy, I spent a day in San Lucas for divisions and the next day we had our Zone Conference. I then came back to San Pedro and we had the wedding of G and A! It was crazy planning literally everything-food, flowers, cake, location, lawyer, quests, EVERYTHING! It was going to start at 2 on Saturday outside of the chapel...and it started pouring rain when the bells started to ring at 1:59, so we had to move everything inside of our humble church but it as still beautiful. Before their baptism interview, we were doing our practice interview with the baptism questions and I asked A what the Law of Chastity was. He replied simply, "It's two people coming together as one to follow Christ." Which is exactly what they did this weekend; they married Saturday and were baptized and confirmed Sunday (their daughter broke her arm and needs surgery so we had permission to confirm them Sunday in case they aren't able to attend the next week). 
Time is finishing because I had to send all of the photos, I will write more in detail next week! Love you all!
wedding of G and A

                                     Baptism of G and A  - one happy family.

                                                happy Sister missionaries :)

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