Wednesday, September 4, 2013

tallest when on your knees :)

JD was baptized on Sunday! He is the son of G and A, the special family that we have been teaching. His parents need to wait until November to get married and baptized but JD made the decision to be baptized now. Here he is with his cousins and brother

TEMPLE TRIP - happy day!
I love this picture Sara  sent - look at these little faces looking up to Hermana Hansen

We had two baptisms on Sunday! For JD, the son of G and for her sister, S. S has been taking lessons from the missionaries and was considered an “eternal investigator” because she always loves to learn but never keeps commitments…until the past month. She is now very strong in her decisión to follow Christ, as well as her nephew, JD. When I asked him how he felt after his baptism, he said, “The wáter was cold…but I felt really good, like I’m a little kid again.”

Another miracle was when we passed by J's house (the man we baptized) to teach him another principle of the góspel. When we got to his house, I asked him how his lecture was with the Book of Mormon because he always has questions on the chapters he reads during the week. He told us, “I actually haven’t read that much because I’ve been memorizing something…” When I asked what it was, he brought me his Book of Mormon and opened it up to Moroni, chapter 4 and 5; the Sacrament prayers. After days of memorizing these scriptures, we were able to see him kneel down in our humble chapel and say the prayer to bless the sacrament. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so tall as when he was on his knees, with the privilege and authority to bless the sacrament. I truly love being a missionary here. I love this gospel and I love my Savior, Jesus Christ, who is the only medio through which we can truly repent and return with honor.

p.s. My new favorite investigator is the lead singer in a Mariachi band! He attended the church this past Sunday and loved everything about it. His wife passed away and he has had a lot of problems in his life, but he has a lot of faith in Jesus Christ and he has made many changes in his life to change to follow him.

p.s.s. I got a package form the Garry family!!! As well as dearelders from Paige, Cole, Dallin, Catherine, Jared, Grandma and letters from Terri Lamp, Annie, President Hixson and Austin Nathan. Thank you all so much, getting mail is the best here, I feel like I've had many Christmases these last few months

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