Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Mini natural disasters

This week seemed like the week of mini natural disasters! The rain here has been CRAZY and sometimes we have to walk mid-calf through the streets to get to our next appointments. I have never seen it rain so hard in my life, and even though I love rain, I was very happy to hear that the rainy season usually ends in October. There was also an earthquake on Friday, but all is fine. I remember how my parents taught me to run to a door frame, away from things that would fall. But the people here run out of their houses and huddle together in a family hug. It wasn't a very bad earthquake but with the sirens and dogs and people in the streets, it was a little hard for my companion because it reminded her of the earthquakes in Honduras.
This last week has been a little hard but when we had our district meeting this morning, one of the missionaries said the prayer and said something that stuck out to me. She said, "Thank you for all of our blessings and challenges." It was a very good reminder how every challenge is to strengthen us and to prepare us for what is to come. This mission has probably attacked every single weakness I have but I am so grateful for all the blessings I have received, and the lessons I have learned through these dificult times. And at the end of every week, I am so grateful that I have another week to be here. Love you all!
Hermana hansen

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