Tuesday, September 17, 2013


So tomorrow is the reunion of transfers (I think she is thinking in spanish and confusing words here - - - she means to say transfer meeting) and....I will be receiving two new missionaries to train! Hermana Ri is leaving the area to finish her training with another missionary and I am staying here (probably for another 3 months to train them for the 12 weeks). The mission is like a mini-life, I asked one of my friends here how her training was, since she was in a threesome. She told me how I really need to focus on loving them individually so they don't compare themselves. I feel like I'm having twins haha.

A funny story of the week: we had a lesson and you know how some people have bear skins as rugs or deer heads on their walls? Well...this guy had a squirrel pinned to his wall...and when I questioned about it, he told me, "Well, this is called a squirrel. They live in woods and have sharp teeth and bushy tails. They are pretty rare because they came from a group of rats that started climbing trees and jumping. Then they got bigger arms and evolutionized to be squirrels. So this is one of those evolutionized rats." I guess they don't see too many squirrels down here because everybody else in the room thought his explanation was very interesting and normal...hmmmm.

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M.H. - Grandma      C.H - grand daughter  M. H. Grandson
We also had three baptisms on Sunday! The grandma of S and J D, (S and JD were baptised several weeks ago) and two of their cousins. The grandma was probably one of the most stubborn people I have ever met but over time, she really changed. She told us, "The church of Jesus Christ should hav
people like Jesus Christ. My church doesn't have people visit others and they don't have very much love. But you guys are here, away from your families to help us. So I'm going to start going to your church because I have a feeling that maybe it is the true church of Jesus Christ." After attending for a few Sundays, she realized that this really is the true church of Christ and she was baptized this Sunday. I love my work here and I love seeing the change that the gospel of Christ brings in people's lives.

We saw this parade for independence day, Sept 15, on the way to the baptism on Sunday. Our church attendance was very, very low because there were parades ALLLLL day.

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