Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Becoming a Chapina?

As usual, things are going well on the mission. There are very, very hard and frustrating moments and there are also moments that I will remember for my whole life. And I know that the hard times help me grow up more than the good times, so I'm learning to know what it means to cherish every moment of the mission. My mom asked me to share a funny story so I'll try to think of one...two weeks ago, Hermana Larson was directing the hymns and I was playing the little keyboard behind her. I always awkwardly try my best to pluck out the hymns that the counselor picks and this time it was "The Spirit of God". The good part is that it is a familiar hymn so it didn't sound too bad when I played it, the bad part is that I think it is probably the longest hymn in the hymn book... and when you are counting how many investigators came to church instead of paying attention to what verse of the song they are singing, it's pretty easy to lose place of what part of the song we are in. So I stopped playing after the third verse and stood up, even though there are four verses...Hermana Larson just started cracking up and so I realized what I had done and just sat back down and started playing again haha.
I feel like I'm becoming more Chapina because I am actually pretty good at making their corn tortillas with my hands. I feel like my future family will be eating a lot of corn tortillas and some of my weird habits from my mission (did you know you can make pancakes and brownies in the microwave?) I love Guatemala and even though there are still days when I miss home, there is something that happens every day here that makes me happy. This work is true and I am so grateful to be a missionary. We are going to the temple as a zone on Tuesday so I will be writing again on Monday. Have a good week!

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