Monday, May 6, 2013

Rainy Season

"Going out to hunt for my dinner . . . . . . just kidding, I had cup of noodles for dinner but here is my machete and our backyard. To the right is our sink!"

When I first heard the term "rainy season", I thought it was just a phrase which meant that it usually rains during a certain set of months. Like clock work, it started raining on May 1 (the first day of "rainy season") and has rained almost every day! And I don't mean little droplets, I'm talking about thunder lightning and thoughts of hot chocolate- I love it! The people here say it is like this until mid-October.
So I'll tell you guys a story since my mom keeps asking for stories. About two weeks ago, we met a woman and gave her the first lesson, when we returned for the second visit, she wasn't home but her sister was (I'll call her F). In only one visit, we talked about the Plan of Salvation and the Restoration! They are both big lessons but she kept wanting to know more. She had met with the missionaries before so she had some background but we were able to expand. When we returned for the second visit with F, her daughter was there also. Her daughter told us about how she knew the Book of Mormon was true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet but she couldn't be baptized without permission from her mom, F (since she's only 15 or 16). F attended church on Sunday and we are meeting with her often, if we are able to help her see the importance of baptism then her daughter can have her permission to be baptized and F can be baptized also! I have grown to love these two people and I really hope they will keep progressing because I know this can change their life in every aspect.
And unfortunately, the woman I mentioned two weeks ago decided to believe the anti-Mormon, anti-Christ information online instead of reading the scriptures and praying. We are still meeting with her and trying to help her see that she can find the truth for herself instead of other people.
Every day has disappointing parts to it but when we see people progressing, the light from them outshine the disappointing darkness.
I have another story to tell but I don't have much time since I want to attach a photo! I'll tell it next week. I love you guys, the church is true and I am a happy missionary

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