Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A time of reflection - Happiness

HELLO EVERYONE!!!! I am loving every second of my mission, entering the month of February and one year, it`s been a time of a lot of reflectioning. (I had to keep that word in here to show that Sara thinks in Spanish now) One of the greatest lessons I've learned is the element of happiness that can be earned with faith and perspective. Our cook that cooks us lunches is one of the happiest people I have ever met. Her father died when she was young and just years later, her mother died, leaving her at the age of 12 with many little siblings (I think she told me she had 6 little siblings) and she raised them all. I can`t even comprehend the problems that some of these people have but there is nothing more beautiful than their sincerity and happiness in their families. I am so grateful that I can share a message of such great happiness to people who so desperately need it.
Here are the answers to some of the questions I have received...
So how goes life in a Latino world? It definitely has it`s challenges but I am learning many different things and I know everything I learn this change will help me in the future.
HOW do you travel? We walk everywhere but sometimes we take tuk tuks...they are like little motorcycles with seats in the back. It`s like a little taxi. We take buses to the different areas to do splits and we stay in their area for 24 hours. I left my bag on the bus last week and by a MIRACLE, we were able to find it again. We are helped a lot in our travels

What is Chimaltenago like? It is beautiful, most of the people wear cortes (look it up on google) and Spanish is their second language. We had 2 baptisms this Sunday of a woman and her nephew. The people here are genuinely beautiful and are open to learning about Christ.

Where else did you go last week? I went to Patzisia and also to Itzapa.
Do you like the traveling? I love it and I love working with the other sisters, every area feels like a different mission.

My time is running out but I will try to write a better email next week...these last couple weeks have been crazy but it should begetting better since it`s moving into the center of this change. And I will be writing next Monday since we have interviews with President!

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