Monday, February 10, 2014

Missing chickens - - -

The member that makes us lunch has a cage with 6 chickens, I´ve become pretty fond of them because they remind me of the chickens grandma has and I always like to feed them out of my hand. But when I finished writing to you guys last week, we went to her house and there were only three chickens...and we had chicken for lunch. She then explained to my companions the two best ways to kill chickens and the best way to kill cows. After the recommended process, they basically just take out the feathers and boil the whole chicken and so this last week, I had the privilege of eating both cow and chicken stomach. It´s pretty weird that I used to be a picky eater before the mission...

I am really loving my mission and being a Sister Training Leader. We will probably be having 3 divisions this week and we often wake up at 4 in the morning. I am not quite sure where we get the energy, but I do know where we get the source of happiness! I´ve been learning a lot about perspective these last couple weeks, and it really is just the optimism we need to have. As a missionary, we will have the same circumstances and companions and houses and investigators for a year and a half. But the mission depends on our view of it, we can decide the level of happiness that we can achieve. The work is a little hard right now but it just makes me more grateful because it is helping me learn to depend more on the Lord through it all.

Every day, we contact people in the street. On average, I usually talk to about 25 or 30 different people and about 10 families. My agenda is so full of names and addresses, that it´s a little hard to be able to talk with everyone that accepts. But there are often times, when a contact really impacts me and we keep passing for them. It happened this last week, it was just a normal contact of a husband and wife but I couldn´t get them out of my mind until we passed back for them. Her mother had died and their was a mourning type of depression that had come over her life. In a humbled, block house, we were able to teach this family of the plan of salvation and the opportunity given to everybody to have hope in this life and peace in the next. My weekly letters can´t begin to express all the little moments that pass and I´m trying to remember them all and write them down, because I´m starting to realize that I won´t be a called, set apart missionary in Guatemala forever. But it doesn´t mean I won´t stop sharing this message, I know I am where I am supposed to be and I love all of you. My home is here in Guatemala and my family is split through many different countries now. I love this work and I love my opportunity to be a missionary of Christ.  (I had to leave Saras original wording here as it shows how Spanish has become her language!) note the word passing. :)
Baptism of D and M (aunt and her nephew)

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