Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Life as a training sister

This week was pretty crazy! Being a training sister, we have divisions 2 or 3 times a week and today I will be going to Itzapa. (In Saras mission there are 6 training sisters - which is her new assignment. She is based in the mountains, there is another set of sisters in the coast and I do not know where the third set of sisters is. So 2-3 times a week she works with other companionships) It's an amazing learning experience to visit other peoples' investigators and I am learning a lot from the other hermanas.

Hermana Brewster (her companion) got transferred to Antigua (because a sister missionary went home) ...which means I'm living with the two Latinos now....it's turning out to be really funny. The other day, Hermana Arguello asked Hermana Rios, ´´Why do you have peanut butter? You're Latina...did you eat that before your mission?´´ And Hermana Rios just said, ´´Hey, it's good. Don't judge me.´´ Little things like that keep happening with the Norte traits they've picked up and it's hilarious with the culture differences.

Our new area is HUGE, we have to take tuk tuks all the time. We are doing pretty well, we had 8 investigators attending church on Sunday and we have a baptism coming up for 3 people! They were old investigators that we had found again and after teaching them the Plan of Salvation, they all committed to living the Word of Wisdom and being baptized. It's amazing to have an eternal view, it gives us so much hope. Before Hermana Brewster left, she told me how her best friend had died on his mission during her training (he fell from a 3 story roof in Mexico). I cannot imagine how she must have felt then - but it was amazing to see how she feels now. She has such a strong testimony in the plan of salvation and it strengthened mine so much. Sometimes life becomes really, really hard. But it's hardest when we forget our purpose here. We know that God exists and that His son died for us, but sometimes we forget the reality of it. I am so, so happy to be a missionary and to be reminding people of their purpose. I'm not teaching a new message, I have the privilege of teaching a message that reminds everyone of their true worth. I am so grateful for the perfect plan that Heavenly Father has for us. I can truly say that I know everything has a purpose, and even though we may not know all of the little purposes in life, we must not forget the greatest purpose of this life=to return back to live with our Heavenly Father with our families. I love being a missionary.
Hermana Hansen

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