Thursday, January 16, 2014

A week of miracles (another week of miracles :) )

The woman we have been working with, Sandra, is going to be baptized this Saturday with her two daughters! She was really hesitant at first with having her children be baptized and even more hesitant about being baptized herself. After talking about the redemptive power of the Atonement and the guidance that the gospel will be able to bring to her life and the lives of her children, she finally accepted the invitation. Two weeks ago, I told her, somewhat jokingly, that I would give up Doritos if she would give up drinking. They sell little bags for just 35 cents here and the flavor is better than the flavor in the US and I am somewhat addicted. However, the next day she verified if I had eaten Doritos when I verified if she had been drinking. I haven´t eaten them at all these two weeks and she hasn´t drunk at all these last two weeks. It´s just a little sacrifice but it feels even more like we´re walking together in this path. She finally made the decision to let her daughters get baptized after a family night in the District President´s house and the very next day, she simply said, ¨So I´ve thought a lot about baptism. Honestly, I just want the very best life for my family and daughters...and I have no doubt now that this will be able to give them the happiest life. They will be getting baptized next weekend.¨ And then a couple days later, she also took the step of faith to make the decision to be baptized with them. There is no greater amount of joy than walking with someone and helping them come unto Christ. I love my mission!

One of my favorite people is a 76 year old woman named Gregoria. She has one eye and walks with a cane and is a 17 year convert. She also happens to know everyone in our area and loves accompanying us. Besides her love and selflessness, she makes me laugh harder than anyone. She hits the dogs with her cane when they try to attack us and when someone doesn´t show up to an appointment, she gets really mad at them. However, this last week she surprised me by going up to a group of drinking men and asked them if they were done with their bottles. She then dumped out the remaining alcohol and smashed the bottle so she could recycle it...I had to find a bag so she could save the bottles because she had planned on just carrying all these bottles with us. She is sooo funny!

Also, they have the prettiest sunsets here. There are sugarcane fields seperating two of our areas and we can´t be in the upper area after dark so we often walk through the fields at sunset. The air has a scent of the burning cane from other fields and the far away smoke makes the air heavy and the sun and clouds a very beautiful red color. I´m not homesick at all but I do wish you guys were here with me to see it. I´ll take a picture of it one of these days.

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