Tuesday, July 2, 2013

sorry - this one was not posted - and it is a good one! 6/24/13

I was definitely spoiled this last weekend. We had Zone Conference and Elder Duncan came and spoke to us, and we got to eat LASAGNA! We also got the pouch, which means I got letters again! Big thanks to the dearelders from Kim, Clare, Cole, Andrew, Elle, Paige, Rachel and Kjersti and the letters from the Bedell Family, the Dalton Family, the Wurts Family, Kyle, Terri Lamp, President Hixson, Aaron and Joseph. I LOVED hearing from you guys and your letters inspire me to become a better missionary. I cannot thank you enough. (Sara's mail is delivered to her from the mission home whenever someone comes to her area - it can take 6 weeks for her to get her mail AFTER it arrives in Guatemala - making these mail deliveries so cherished! Kathy)

My Spanish is coming along and I am starting to feel more like a Latino because I finally love eating beans. The tortillerias and little bread stores are all familiar and I am feeling at home. But there are little things that make me realize I am very far away from my own neighborhood. For example, we were walking this last week and I heard this horrible screaming. When I asked my trainer what it was, she simply said, "A family is going to have fresh ham for dinner tonight." Haha, I love Guatemala.

Something that Elder Duncan said during the conference has stuck in my mind all this weekend. He said, "Perhaps before your life, God planned the challenges you would have in order for you to come unto Christ." I first thought of our progressing investigators and how, because they are humbled in their individual problems, they are ready, and willing, to learn. I then thought of my own life. I am incredibly lucky that I was raised in a home that is centered on Christ but I think I got too comfortable. I always knew that people needed a Savior but I didn't realize how much I personally needed him until the hardest part of my 20-year-old life hit me. Christ never left me but I had drifted away from him. Just like a person doesn't realize their dependence on doctors until they are sick, I didn't realize my dependence on Christ until my ill soul needed a Savior. And the very thing that I thought had brought me away from Christ, is the very thing that made me realize my complete dependence on him. I am not implying that the hardest part of my life has passed and I am done with having problems, that would be naive. I don't know what challenges I will have in my mission, or when I return or in my future family. But I do know that I am not alone. Without challenges, we would not be able to be humble. But with challenges, we can learn to rely on God. Remember that afflictions are always blessing in disguise, because they can help us become better and closer to Christ. I will write about transfers next week because we will find out tonight

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