Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A special kind of love

So you know that man in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" who thinks Windex will solve everything? We have one of those in our branch who thinks salt will cure every illness. With all the bugs here, my legs are pretty unattractive and everytime she sees me, she reminds me that I just need to rub salt all over them and my bites will disappear. It's pretty funny because she always gives me little bags of salt but I feel like they will just make the bites more irritated.
Other than the bugs and the rainy season, we had a very special week. We had a conference with just the Sister Missionaries that occurs once a year. Our mission President is probably the best man (besides my dad) that I have ever met in my life and the conference was beautiful. Of all the things that he could've talked about, he talked to us about self-esteem. He said, "You know what I think? I think Heavenly Father loves his daughters a little more than his sons. Why? Because he sent his sons so that they could protect his daughters. And if he doesn't love his daughters more, it is a very different special kind of love." After the talk, there wasn't a dry eye in the room and it really encouraged all of use to become better.
We had a lesson on Saturday with a woman whose door we knocked. The woman wasn't too interested but I could see a garden worker behind her that was listening but pretending to work. When we finished the lesson, I asked the man if we could visit him one day to share a message. He accepted and we passed by his house the next day. He confided in us that one of his best friends was heavily addicted to alcohol and tried many different programs to stop, but nothing worked. Then one day, two missionaries knocked on his door and gave him the first lesson. He said, "Only God could change his life and only these two missionaries brought the message that could help him." His friend gave up alcohol and was baptized and is now living a happy life. This man has a similar problem and wants to change, after giving the first lesson we challenged him to a baptism date and he accepted. It is amazing to see how people need God in order to really change and have real happiness. I am so honored to be a messenger of a message that can give people a reason to change. We have a Savior that makes any change possible and I love being here serving him.
Hermana Hansen

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