Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A perfect weekend

                 Elsa and Alejandra Rodriguez, and Normando Smith 6/16/2013

Karla and Marco Wedding
Happy Hermana Hansen
This weekend was a weekend I will never forget. Alejandra, the daughter of Esna, prayed with us about being baptized with her mom and there was a huge silence that came into the room. She finished her prayer in tears because there was an overwhelming peace when she questioned God if this was the path for her. Her mom cradled her in her arms and spoke to her in words     that  I will never forget. One of the things she said was, "Right before these two missionaries came, we had been praying for a way to unite our family and come more unto Christ. I am confident that this is the answer and I have no doubt that this is the path." Esna and Alejandra were baptized Sunday morning, the 16 of June. Along with them, Normando was also baptized. It was a beautiful baptism and it felt as if my own family was being baptized. My heart is growing as people keep stealing pieces of it, it's kinda crazy how my life has changed so much these past 4 months.
On Saturday we also coordinated the wedding of Karla and Marco. About 60 of their friends and family attended and it was held in the chapel here. It was a little crazy running around and setting every thing up, I even had to play the piano when she walked down the aisle with her dad! But luckily everything fell into place.
We had planned for Karla to be baptized on Sunday morning as well but postponed her date to this Saturday so she could prepare a little bit more. Carlitos was also ready to be baptized on Sunday morning but his mom ended up not giving him permission. It was pretty discouraging but I know that his mom is seeing a difference in him and he is starting to read the scriptures and pray.
We have transfers this next week and either me, or my companion, will leave the area. We will find out Monday night and leave on Wednesday morning. I heard the hardest part of the mission is leaving an area, because you honestly don't know if you will see the people again in your life. The people reading this e-mail are my family and friends, but the people here have also become my family and friends. It's probable that some of the happiest moments in my life have been out here during the last four months; watching Alejandra waiting on the tops of the steps as her mom was baptized, seeing people learn about a reason to have happiness, and seeing them change their lives. I love the message I get to share with the people here, and I love the people I share it with. I'll write again on Monday, since next week is transfers.

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