Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Volcano Watch

Like all of the weeks so far, this last week has had struggles and miracles. I found out this last week that Reese's peanut butter cups don't exist here and that they aren't sold in any part of Guatemala...I'm not sure how people are so happy here without Reese's candy, it's one of the miracles! Also, I finally finished reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish, side-by-side with my English one. It is weeks after the goal I originally had set but it allowed me to have a deep study and a deeper understanding. Before my mission, I remember saying that I knew the Book of Mormon was true because it made sense to me and I could feel the truth. After what I have gone through the past couple months, I cannot see how this book could not be of God. I promise that any person who dedicates a little bit of time to reading even a chapter of it, will be able to see a greater purpose in their life. I see that almost every day here in Guatemala.
And the volcano that we live close to is officially active! We had a warning of an eruption last week but it was pretty low on the chart of probability, and I think the warning is gone by now. It erupted about 3 years ago and hit La Mariposa pretty hard so we saw a few people buying extra groceries to prepare if anything were to happen.
Time is starting to move a little more quickly, I realized yesterday that I only have 14 more fast Sundays out in the field. But I have so much work to do before then! We are entering June with 4 dates of baptism and the wedding next weekend. Esna, the woman with the two children, finally accepted a baptism date for the 16 of June. Her daughter who previously wanted to be baptized is now hesitant and her son still hasn't attended church, so we have been visiting them frequently. On Sunday, Esna missed church for the first time since we met her and we were a little nervous because she always looks forward to attending on Sundays. When we passed by later, she told us that the reason she missed was because she was watching a movie about families with her two children and talking about the church. She wants more than anything for her children to be baptized with her and we are working and praying for a miracle that her children can make the decision be united as a family and become members of the church.
We have been teaching another 12 year old boy, who has been taking missionary lessons for over a year. He attends almost every Sunday with his Grandma but his mom isn't a member and so he has been scared to take the next step to be baptized. However, we all got down on our knees and he prayed to know if this was the right choice. The next day, he told us that he knew this was the right path and he is being baptized on the 16! I have to go but I love you all and have a good week!

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