Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Raccoon, geccos and bibles

Another week has flown by here in La Mariposa. The streets are constantly pretty noisy because the people are very active. We wake up to roosters and dogs in the morning, and sometimes bombas (little fireworks) that people set off for birthdays. Little kids love playing soccer and set up little marks in the street so they can play. And the people love to have pets, they are the usual types of pets in America like dogs, cats, chickens, hamsters, bunnies...raccoons. We were walking in the street and I look to my right and I see a raccoon just hanging in someone's doorway staring at us! Luckily my companion agreed to go contact and teach the family so I can hang out with their pet raccoon, we have a second visit this week with them :) . Is it illegal to have a pet raccoon in the states? If not, I want one when I get back.
Hermana Ortiz and Hansen in front of their apartment
This week I realized that leaving our back door open doesn't only invite mosquitos and bugs into our house...also cats and geckos! I told my companion that since she was my trainer, it was her responsibility to teach me how to catch the geckos...but she didn't quite agree...Luckily we finally captured it and released it back into the wild streets of Mariposa.
I also learned something else this week. I learned how beautiful the message is that we are sharing. To be able to talk with someone that has just lost a loved one and to be able to tell them in full confidence that we have a Heavenly Father and he has a plan for us is such a privelege. Our message is so important and when a person has a desire to know more, the effect is almost addicting. We were walking in the street and one of our investigators called out to us and started waving around a "Law of Chastity" pamphlet to show us that she was reading. Because she used a little effort to pray and to study, the effect is continuing to grow. She attended church on Sunday and also brought her son and his family. Her son said, "It feels different here...a nice kind of different." We are hoping the woman is baptized this weekend! We have another investigator that lays out her Bible, Book of Mormon and a notepad every lesson. She takes notes on what we say and highlights every scripture we use. It is so rewarding to see that the importance of our message can touch every heart when the person is prepared and willing. I am starting to see the effects of our lessons and it inspires me to work even harder. We teach about 6-8 lessons every day and when the people have a sincere desire to know more, every message we share with them helps them come closer to Christ. I love this gospel and I love how it brings me closer to Christ!
In the city center,  Guatemala City (from Feb)
Hermana Hansen

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