Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Loving the People

Another week! The people here are humble and so kind. I am always greeted with a kiss on the right cheek, it's very common here! There are dogs eeeeeeeverywhere, especially on people's rooftops...not quite sure how they get up there but they always bark at us.
This past week I learned a lot. The past 6 or 7 weeks, I have been discouraged with the language and with my disabilities and I felt so alone. I felt that I wan't good enough to be out here and I felt like coming home. I also felt like my prayers weren't being answered. But I finally received an answer yesterday. My thoughts of discouragement are thoughts that I need to become better. The Lord needs me as an instrument in his hands and He hasn't forsaken me, he is polishing me so I can become ready for his work. I learned a lot about patience because the Lord works in mysterious ways that we can't understand. So when we are on the point of giving up, it is usually the point where we need to press on the most because that's when we can change and become better.
The work here is hard, I don't think I've had my heart broken in so many different ways as I had last week. From seeing people literally starving and sick, to seeing them reject something I know they can feel. It is hard to be a missionary but it is also so rewarding. The happiest part of my week came when a couple told us that they prayed together and that they feel this is right, what a marvelous feeling! They attended church on Sunday and we are continuing to teach them. It is amazing to see that when people turn to Christ, their life receives light and hope for the first time. I Feel I am growing with the people I teach because I learn so much as I share my experiences and testimony with them. This is a hard work but it's the best work I can be doing. Love you all! Sara

notes from mom - Sara answered lots of random questions in an email to us, thought I would share info.- - - They live in a small apartment - just the two of them. They eat breakfast of cereal and an egg - a lady (Hermana Chavez) cooks a big lunch for them ALWAYS consisting of tortillas and then pasta or rice or salad or pollo. When Sara does not like something she sticks it in the tortilla and eats it anyway. They pay Hermana Chavez 15 quetz a day for lunch (about $1.90). they do not have time to have dinner but they have a snack at night usually around 9:20 when they get home. There is another lady who does their laundry for them. The missionaries wash their dishes outside but the have an shower which Sara is happy about - (not sure if that is inside or out . . .). They are the only missionaries in their ward. They walk everywhere. Although Sara is worried about her spanish she also told me that a lady asked her what part of Guatemala she was from - She was shocked Sara was from the states - so her Spanish must be ok :)

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