Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Book of Mormon . . . 2 1/2 weeks . . . in spanish?

My last e-mail in the CCM! So I finally got the mail that was waiting
for me at the central office, with pouch mail from Dylan, Mommy, Jen
Bushman and Aaron Cooper. As well as dearelders from Mom, Shauna,
Kelsie, Elle, Anamarie, Dallas and Dad! These were all sent to my
mission home but luckily they brought them over. And I also got
dearelders from Austin, Kelsie and Lexi. Thank you guys so much! It is
so nice to hear from home and to know that I have people praying for
me. I love you guys.
I have loved the CCM, I feel like I have learned so much while being
here. And I still have 17 more months of this! When I left on my
mission, I thought I was leaving so I could help people find this
church because I knew it was true and I knew it could bring people
happiness. However, I've realized that I'm not bringing people to a
church, I'm helping bring them unto Christ. And I know that sharing my
message with them can help them achieve that.
Easter is a pretty big deal down here, they have a whole "Holy Week"
dedicated to worship before the actual Holiday on Sunday. I always
thought Christmas was my favorite holiday but now I think Easter is
right up there with it. We celebrate Christmas because of the birth of
Christ. And we don't celebrate Easter because he died for us, we
celebrate Easter because after his death, he rose and he lives for us.
The sacrifice he made for us is hard for me to comprehend, I don't
think I could fully understand it even with a lifetime of studying it.
However, although I can't fully comprehend it, I still know it
happened. And I still know he is our Savior.
       Guatemala is starting to feel more and more like my new home. I
get a little discouraged because I feel like I should understand more
of the language, especially since I'm leaving in 6 days to go out into
the field. However, I've decided to take more action. I've been
praying to understand Spanish but I should've been praying to remember
what I study, or praying for more energy so that I can study. So I
decided to start reading the Book of Mormon side-by-side in English
and in Spanish. It is so tedious because it is about 675 pages in
Spanish but I started a couple days ago and I'm already 150 pages in.
My goal is to finish it before I reach a week in the field. So that
means I will read it in 2 and a half weeks. But I know that I've been
called to teach in the Spanish language and I know if I do my part, I
will have extra health and memory.  I gotta go but I love you all!

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