Wednesday, December 18, 2013

new city, mice and geckos, wedding and baptism, love and sacrifice

So I am now in a new smaller city (sorry I have to take out the names on the blog :) . I am in the house notorious for being the worst house in the mission. With the mice and geckos and insects and shower and mosquito larvae in the water, I'm not surprised. BUT we cleaned all P-Day and now the house is OK.
The new area is crazy hot and different but I already love the branch. The most exciting news is that we are planning a wedding and a baptism on Saturday for a family. Their sons were baptized two years ago but the husband didn't want to make the commitment to be married or baptized...these last two years have changed him and they will be making both of those commitments on Saturday. One of their sons is currently serving a mission in Nicaragua. I can only imagine what he feels like. There isn't a better Christmas present in the world than the knowledge that your parents are making these steps. I am so honored to be here to help them these two weeks leading up to Saturday.

This email is pretty short but I also got mail last week! Big thanks to the dearelders from Paige and Cole and Dallas. And the letters from President Hixson, Terri Lamp, the FHE package, Dad, Rachel, Aaron, the Traina Family, Mom, the Collings family and Jeanette Hixson. AND THE PACKAGES from Mom and the siblings and Sean Allsop. THANK YOU SO MUCH, I could feel all of your love and I really appreciate the support I have from home to be out here. Until next week!
Love and sacrifice - This woman lives in the house you see in the picture with her family and her extended family (13 people), but she wanted to show her love to Sara.  She bought her NEW SHOES. 

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