Thursday, May 29, 2014

Staying here

HERMANA RASMUSSEN AND I ARE STAYING TOGETHER ANOTHER CHANGE! We were actually really surprised to find that out, I was sure I was leaving so there would be another training sister leader to stay for the arrival and first part of the new mission president's arrival but I'm excited that I'm supposed to stay here with her. On Sunday, Feliciana was confirmed and she is just beautiful inside and out. And she absolutely LOVES her Book of Mormon...when they called her to the front to get confirmed, she started walking but then turned back to grab her Book of Mormon to bring it up with her. I don't think I have seen her without it in her really is just beautiful.
We met a family up in Puerto Rico, where Feliciana lives. They had a baby recently that is super sick...They have to use ounces to weigh him because he is so light and weak. The mother takes the bus to the hospital every day to be able to nurse him and the father just pleads for his son in his prayers. We had a second lesson with them and we shared the first part of the Plan of Salvation...on the back of their pamphlet we drew a little map of how to get to the church because they don't have a cell phone and weren't sure if they could was so beautiful to see this little family with their two little girls all dressed in corte walk into the church. He had his Plan of Salvation pamphlet in his hand, just holding it during the sacrament meeting and listening to the talks. I love this message because it can give everything to a family that feels that they have nothing. It gives the hope and it gives the grace and it gives the happiness. And I know it is true.

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